About Me

About Me

Konnichiwa and Hello.

My name is Jack Granard, pleasure to meet you.

Where to begin?

Well, after a spot of travelling for over a year, I decided to use my new found enthusiasm to write content on the little things I am passionate about.

I currently work in PR and am a former employee of TalkSport, which is why the bulk of content here is in regards to Sports, PR and Social Media. Additionally, I regularly contribute to The London Economic, podcast @ParkTheMicPod and am a fond fan of researching new trends.

I am a combat sports enthusiast, football lover, wrestling mark, old school Hip Hop and Jazz admirer, who has watched enough TV/Films to suggest I should be grossly unhealthy. In brief, I am pretty happy with my general knowledge skills and always contribute well to a pub quiz.

I created this blog with the goal of providing a portfolio of work but I am open to suggestions/ideas for where it can go. Furthermore, I am interested in collaborations, discussing issues and work proposals…providing they are appropriate.

I hope you enjoy the content and please spread the word if you have a spare five seconds.

K thx bye